Just like inside a kaleidoscope, the geometry and colours of POLICROMIE create patterns displaying equilibrium interspersed with tantalising minor asymmetries. Colours alternating with transparency lend dynamism and personality to the elegant classic lines of these frames, mainly styled for men. The good looks of these models are enhanced by exclusive-design flex hinges.


Fusion, union, composition: three concepts at the heart of this elegant collection. After years of research and experimentation, Trisottica has come up with a way of bonding three elements onto the same frame, an exclusive process that opens the way to original, imaginative colour and styling combinations. Discover them now.


Diamond cut. A challenge for Trisottica to apply the diamond cutting technique, traditionally used to adorn jewellery and other precious items, to the acetate of this unique collection. The pale, transparent colours seem to be sprinkled with glitter. The irregular geometry of these frames and the depth and angle of the incisions create a delightful play of light that, in the richer, darker colours, recalls the look of luxurious fabrics and precious stones. A hand-crafted process whose artistry pays homage to the goldsmiths of the best Italian tradition.


Like sand dunes in the desert, the shapes, volumes and surfaces of the SCULTURE collection are constantly changing, one alternating with another, thanks to the highly complex thermoforming technique. Just as the wind models the dunes, thermoforming models the frames, giving rise to a collection with a strong personality and soft, sinuous lines. Bold colour combinations further enhance the appeal of this exclusive collection.


Imagine the colourful plumage of peacocks and parrots and the iridescence of mother-of-pearl and you will have a vision of the colour artistry expressed in the INTAGLI collection. These colour effects are made even more amazing by a process inspired by the intaglio technique, hand-crafted in the 1950s. Trisottica presents a contemporary reworking of this process made possible by the alchemy generated between our superb craftsmen and the state-of-the-art computerised machinery controlling the changes of direction, inclination, angulation and depth of the engraved sections, the secret behind the irresistible appeal of this amazing collection.


This unisex collection from Trisottica consists of slim-line models with under-stated volumes. The obvious choice to place greater emphasis on the mosaic effect created by the complex bonding process in which simple sequences of colour and tonality are subject to meticulous arrangement. Yet another expression of our passion for detail and harmonious colouring.